Kids Martial Arts

We have a Great way for you to really find out about our Program first hand , we know you and your Child will absolutely LOVE IT!! Our Kids programs a PACKED full of Benefits!!


our kids workouts are fun and skill based, our instructors have been trained to have the kids learn so much and sweat with a smile.. While having so much fun they will think are the Champion of the WORLD after 45 MIN!

*Self Defence-

Children need all kinds of self-defence meconisums these days from Bullys to Drugs to Electronics to Diet At Personal Best we have incorporated all this into our Classes! Kids start every class with Pledge to develop a heathy mind set and positive outlook and our award winning Curriculum is really state of the Arts for Age specific Martial arts!






Clear Focus-

In martial arts, we have kids do one thing at a time. For younger kids, and kids with severe ADD, they may only do one thing for 30 seconds – but for that 30 seconds that's all they focus on. Then, the better and better they get at focusing, the longer we have them focus for. Eventually, kids might focus the entire session on just one exercise or activity. And they never get bored or antsy. Before you know it, they do this at home too. They focus on their homework… on their chores… on conversations with you… and anything else they put their mind to.



Determined to Succeed –

From Day 1 in martial arts your child sets goals, and accomplishes them. The more and more he does this – the more ambitious he becomes. Eventually he learns to set higher goals – and he learns to go after them with everything he's got. He learns that fulfillment and respect are earned through completing challenges. Because of this, kids who go through martial arts are much more likely to succeed later in life as well. A recent study showed that 63% of black belts become college graduates! They then go on to live wonderful, fulfilling lives. And then they pass these principles onto their own children.



Finally Paying Attention –

Parents of children with attention problems breathe sighs of relief after just a few short weeks.

That's because in martial arts – we teach kids to look people in the eyes when they're being spoken to. We teach them that this is how you show people you're listening, and paying attention. After just a few short weeks, kids naturally begin doing this at home. And in school. Parents and teachers often look at each other with wide-eyes when they reflect on the changes. They can't believe how much better their children pay attention.



Completing Tasks the First Time He's Asked–

In martial arts, we have just a few simple rules. One of those rules is that when your child is asked to do something – he does it the first time.

We never yell at kids, or scold them, if they don't do this. But every kid does it because he sees the other kids in the class doing it too. And he wants to make friends and be a part of the group. It's usually a matter of a couple weeks before kids start doing this at home, too. I can't tell you how many parents have thanked me profusely when it starts to happen.




Self-Respect –

When it comes to bullies, kids in martial arts don't back down. They have the confidence to look a bully in the eyes, and stand their ground.

This is what nearly always happens… The bully gets scared and backs down! It happens 9 times out of 10. And for the 1 time out of 10 the bully doesn't back down – your child has the tools to defend himself. And if necessary, he'll be able to get away, and seek out an authority figure. Most confrontations can be talked through. Occasionally, however, words aren't enough. For either situation your child will be prepared. No one will be able to hurt him, or take anything away from him.




Weight loss-

It's easy these days for kids to not exercise. As a result, many children experience weight problems at a young age.



Martial Arts is an amazing form of exercise –

Your child will be active the entire time. But there's no pressure on him to do anything he can't. We'll encourage him to do his best – but this isn't boot camp or anything.


Most importantly, he'll have a ton of fun.

And if he happens to be overweight – martial arts will help him get down to a healthy weight. This reduces risk for many health problems that can occur now, and later on in life. It also increases energy, alertness, and overall happiness. He'll never feel better.


But rather than tell you about them myself – just listen to what these parents had to say…


“A significant change, in only 2 short weeks…”

Laim has a bit of a temper, but I’ve already noticed the change. He's more respectful to me. And his teachers can't believe it! He calls them “ma'am” and “sir”. No other kid in his class shows their teachers this much respect. It really makes me feel great, and I feel like I've done a great thing for myself and my child by enrolling him in this martial arts class.
- Mrs Thompson ( Liams Mom)


“She just can't wait for 'martial arts days'…”

At first I wasn't sure if Elisabeth would like the program. After all, she's only 6, so she never really sticks to anything. Boy was I wrong! She gets extremely upset if we ever have to miss a class now. And I can tell she's more focused, more attentive, and just all around happier after starting this program.
- Sandy Enright (Elisabeths mom)


“The bully backed down.”

When Conor got off the bus today, and got in the car, he couldn't stop talking about how he stood up to this bully who had been picking on him for weeks! He said the bully backed down, and everyone saw it! I got so choked up that he looked at me and asked me why I was crying. I just told him I was so proud of him.
Thank you,
- Alex Brighton (Conors Dad)