Adults Martial Arts

At PBMA you'll develop bodyguard grade self-defense skills as you learn to transfer your feet and fists into powerful weapons of self defense! All the while you'll be getting an amazing head to toe work out that will trim you up and Slim you down so you'll be turning heads wherever you go.
Countless benefits for your body and mind!

Personal best martial arts is not your typical martial arts school, we have a friendly and challenging martial arts and self-defense program, you will learn that you have what it takes to defend yourself in all life situations… Physical , Verbal, and Emotional!! The personal best martial arts program inherently has life success skill building tools built directly into it!! Like goal setting, perseverance, positive affirmations, a kick A$$ workout, and great feeling from a changed and healthy lifestyle! We realize the popularity of MMA schools and the students that are filling them up, the 6’1- 220lbs body builders who want to fight!! We also realize they're the ones that don't really need the self-defence!! The ones that really need the self-defense are the average or Smaller sized man and women! We pride ourselves in turning the average dad or mom or maybe the overweight person with sedentary job.... into a confident proficient and capable martial artist!

*You'll burn fat fast thanks to a killer workout,
*you'll enjoy enhanced muscle tone,
*you'll experience a huge boost to your self-confidence as you master self-defense techniques, your ability to focus and concentrate will skyrocket,
*your daily stress level will plummet!!

World class instructors for priceless results!

When you enroll in the personal best martial arts program you get to train at the hands of true Black Belt masters with decades of experience Fighting and teaching. As you work side-by-side with our instructors you'll develop surprising strength rocksolid self-defense skills and unbreakable determination!

Come on we know you've always wanted to do this! Give our Internet special a chance! It's an awesome value!

One month of classes (8 lessons) for the price of a Uniform /


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