This form must be presented to the instructor during red tag week

So You're ready to graduate!

This means you hav earned 4 stripes and have demonstrated an acceptable knowledge of your current belt curriculum Congratulations, you are that much closer to your black belt goal!

What's next ? During Red tag week, the instructor will test you again for your belt curriculum and you will be required to do the following number of sit-ups, push-ups, deep squats, according to your belt.

White        - 10
Gold          - 20
Green        - 30
Purple       - 40
Blue          - 50
Red          - 60
Hi-Red      - 70
Brown      - 80
Hi-Brown  - 90
Black        - 100

You will then earn your red tag!

Bring this signed form into the instruction buring Red tag week Graduation is the last Friday of every month @ 5:00 unless otherwise noted. All classes are cancelled that day except 4:15 Its a special monthly Black Belt Club class

All students mmust appear promptly at Graduation wearing a clean full dress uniform. This is a ceremony to celebrate your accomplishment! Family & friends are welcome to attend. Sometimes we will have a photographer available for special photos.

All fees relating to the test & new belt must be paid . $35/belt. BBC members & Master's are exempt . Black Belt test fee is $ 200 for all members.

Check class schedule for changes if you are moving into a new belt
Permission to Promote

Dear Parents and Teachers

The highest priority for our studentd here at Personal Best Marial Arts is to develop well-rounded, successful, honest individuals. Prior to considering a student for belt promotion, we require satisfactory reports from all school teachers and parents

If a student's attitude is unstisfactory, we will hold rank promotion until there has been significants imporvement.

Personal Best Martial Arts prides itself on installing the principles of Martial Arts Excellence to our students

Martial Arts Excellence symbolizes lifelong excellence not only in the martial arts, but also in school, and as productive members of society. This level of conduct is required of our students.

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